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Monday, March 28, 2011

Career Day at Illini Bluffs

I've been invited to visit Illini Bluffs Middle School in Glasford, IL Friday, May 13th to take part in their Career Day. The eighth grade English classes expressed an interest in having a writer at the event, and a friend of a friend suggested me. I've been working on making up a little brochure to hand out to the kids with tips on writing and a few website resources they can utilize to get more information and support.  I'm really excited to go and work with kids again.  It's been mentioned a few places online, but I actually trained to be an elementary school teacher, but timing and lack of jobs resulted in me not getting a full time classroom so I worked as a sub, and then when my son came along I opted to stay home with him.  I'm looking forward to getting back into a school in an educator role again, instead of the Mom role I've had of late.  This is an event solely for the middle school children in the district, but I still wanted to share as I'm looking forward to it.

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